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Is the DHS Actually Accomplishing Their Goal? Fifteen years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks there has been adjustments made since then when protecting the nation from threats that are unknown. In 2001, President Bush proposed a new department that will be in charge along with other government agencies to work together to make sure threats don’t get out of hand (Tom Ridge). This new department,The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), was created after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and their main job is to protect the people. In order to execute this goal the Department of Homeland Security must “secure the nation against terrorist attacks, to protect against and respond to threats” (Andrew). Eleven days after the 9/11 terrorist attacks Tom…show more content…
Perhaps that’s one of the reasons Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security, and Tom Ridge believe the DHS could be handling situations more efficiently (Ridge). In one of Tom Ridge’s speech he states that “The Department of Homeland Security will have one mission” which will be “the most important job of the federal government” in order to protect the people and prepare for any threats. However, because the DHS could be executing their performance more conveniently changes in this department need to happen. The department's lack of communication, the attention given based on the money spent, and making appropriate decisions at the right time The Department of Homeland Security has been unsuccessful throughout the years. The Department of Homeland Security has failed to do its job throughout the years due to their lack of connection and communication with other government agencies. There are definitely differences between how terrorism was handled after the 9/11 attacks but people are still frightened. Jeh Johnson believes this has to do with the lack of…show more content…
The DHS has received $41.2 billion just in 2016 (Hanley 1). However, no amount of spending could actually make Americans feel safer. Even with the amount of money the DHS has received, the attention that they are actually giving this situation lacks. The attentions between each agency is varied after the attacks of 9/11 (May 7). Which results in different outcomes on handling terrorist attacks. During a panel appearance, panelists have stated that “Americans are wasting money looking for a magic bullet and funding programs that previous experience shows don’t work” (Hanley 15). During a panel interview Michael German, a former FBI agent, acknowledges the fact that there are terrorists out there who are always one step ahead and sometimes it doesn’t help to be just invested in money but the quality of analyzing the terrorists. There are better ways to deal with terrorism and the first step is for the DHS to fully give their attention to stopping these terrorist attacks. Giving attention to the situation will conclude in how things are getting done by the DHS. Opinions throughout the agencies are distinctive; however, working together is a still a key to making the process work. After 9/11 there were many people who worked for the government and coped with the situation differently but in the end the solution to the
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