Dialogue As A Form Of Communication

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In the last fifteen years or so, dialogue has become an important topic of discussion in the offices, workplaces and even in our neighbourhood. As a result we ask ourselves what we really mean by organisational dialogue. According to William Isaaacs During the dialogue process, people learn how to think together – not just in The sense of analysing a shared problem or creating new pieces of shared Knowledge, but in the sense of occupying a collective sensibility, in which The thoughts, emotions, and resulting actions belong not to one individual, But to all of them together. (William Isaacs, past director, MIT’s Dialogue Project) The work dialogue stems from the Greek roots ‘dia’…show more content…
“Culture engineering approach” (see palmer and handy 2000) is also the name given to the top down in which it as presumed that the top management of the company or an organisation has thorough knowledge of ideal values, behaviour and standards which is expected of every organisational member so that they achieve the goals set by the organisation. Hence It can be said that top management have the ability and right to create, uphold and bring the desired changes in the organisational culture. The same can be achieved through various human resource interventions such as reward management, organizational development, communication strategies, training, management by objectives and performance management ((Armstrong 1990; Thompson & Mabey 1994;Thornhill et. al.,2000). In a case study (Akmal putra sniba 2003) done on british airways various questions were asked to the management regarding the various approaches adopted by the organisation to change the organisational culture. As a result it came out that top down approach was adopted by british airways in which human resource interventions were organised, adding to that mangers gives training to employees to make peoples value the focal point. Hence we can say that dialogue helped them to change their organisational culture for better communication between the management and the employees. Other approach that is bottom up which means that the local members participate in decision making regarding the strategies
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