The Subject Of Communication Has Been Studied And Debated

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The subject of communication has been studied and debated for many years. In veterinary practice there are many complex aspects involved with communication. Effective communication is vital in building good relationships between professionals and clients and also the relationship between team members. Different modes including face-to-face, via telephone and written communication must be executed effectively, however many factors can adversely affect communication and it is essential that the veterinary nurse is able to adapt their communication to fit any situation.
One night I was working out of hours. The receptionist had finished her shift so it was my job to answer any telephone calls. I received a phone call from a very
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I politely greeted both Mr X and Luca and noticing that Luca did in fact have increased respiratory effort I calmly explained that I would take Luca straight through to see the veterinary surgeon. I returned to the client to reassure him that his pet was being well looked after and was aware that my tone of voice must be sensitive to the seriousness of the situation and that my body language must be non threatning and open by using good eye contact and a confident stance. It was also important for me to read the client 's body language to allow me to communicate effectively. The client at this time was understandably anxious and worried about his pet. I was required to obtain a history about Luca while the veterinary surgeon was administering emergency treatment. I sat beside Mr X, being careful not to sit too close and make him feel uncomfortable. I asked closed questions at this point because the client was too upset to go in to detail about Luca but in a less difficult situation open questions should be used to invite the client to provide more information about their pet. Open questions provide the veterinary nurse with additional information about the animal, the client and the bond that exists between the client and the animal. Using both open and closed questions can also be a good opportunity for the veterinary nurse to form a relationship and increase rapport, while at the same time displaying their expertise and
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