Research On The Culture Web Adopted By Heinz Australia

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Introduction The purpose of this report is to do research on the culture web adopted by Heinz Australia that helped it to evolve and identify the key forces for and against change and also recognising the strength of the company. Culture web is a tool, technique to assess the culture of an organisation especially before and after the change implemented. Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes developed the concept in 1992. The classic Phrase by Mckinsey organisation, “the culture is how we do things around here” is taken as reference by many great people. It’s true that culture exist in an organisation which influences the work being done and also affects the success or failure of the project. Existing culture can in times be very hard to continue with because of the change in the growth or in the strategic change in the organisation. At such appropriate web of culture is important to be identified or that can be a problem in the progress of the organisation. These identified elements will give organisation a bigger picture of what was going wrong and how can they change it towards betterment of the organisation. Geryy Johnson and Kevan Scholes have identified six elements of cultural web that will help organisation to understand what change should be undergone and how it can help. These six elements are: 1. Stories 2. Rituals and Routines 3. Symbols 4. Organisational Structure 5. Control Systems 6. Power structures Heinz Australia under the leadership of Widdow used these
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