Did the Events of 9/11 Influence the Perception of How People View the Hijab?

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Introduction Did the events of 9/11 influence the perception of how people view the Hijab? In todays world, the media influences many issues across the world. One of the issues that occurs is the Hijab in both the Western and Islamic worlds. There is many arguments about the hijab, Islam points towards its postive and good points whereas the media can imply it as otherwise. This contradicts the opinions and views that Muslims in the past and today have towards the Hijab. But before we start to investigate on this question, we need to know what the definition of the Hijab is. So what is the Hijab? The literal meaning of a Hijab means a curtain or veil which is best understood when understanding the idea of modesty. One of the …show more content…

This was told to the Ummah as the Prophets house was visited most often as a community mosque and was a place for social and religious life. As the Prophets house was visited the most, segregation was established also. Segregation was established by a ‘Veil’ also where a curtain was placed between women and men allowing them to talk and be dressed how they wish. However only the Prophets wives were the only ones that wore the Hijab during the Prophets’ lifetime, this was because the Hijab symbolized the becoming of ‘Muhammad’s Wife’. Nowhere in the Qur’an (the Holy Book in Islam) is mentioned that wearing the Hijab is applied to women, they were only compulsory upon his wives. The Hijab wasn’t instructed but dressing with modestly was an instruction. This can be connoted from the quote, “draw their clothes around them a little to be recognized as believers and so that no harm will come to them” (33:60). The modest way of dressing was told to cover their ‘private’ parts, and cover the breasts when in front of ‘strange’ men. These strange men are men that the woman could in theory marry; this means that it is not compulsory to wear one in front of her grandfather, father, brother(s), son(s) and uncle(s) and young children.

After the Prophets death, more women started to adopt the tradition of ‘Veiling’ to follow the example of the Prophets wives, the Prophets wives were an inspiration to the

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