Difference Between Civil Liberties And Civil Rights

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Subedi 1 Bhabish Subedi Sherry Sharifian Govt 2305 23rd Aug 2017, Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
Civil liberties are the rights that are given to the public by the first amendment of the constitution which allows everyone for their free speech, assemble organize and worship without government interference or private. Whereas civil rights are the term given to the rights where rights are guaranteed to US citizens or US residents by legalization and by constitution. Each person individual choices are respected by the state or government where people are not judged based on sex, religion, color, race, handicapped and national origin. Civil rights legislation comes in practice when a personal rights violation comes. Everybody can enjoy their rights where they can vote freely, think in their own way and decide where nobody can interfere their decision.
1 Civil rights and Civil liberties are both the rights guarantee by government but there is somewhat difference between civil rights and civil liberties. Civil rights are the rights provided by the constitution for the protection of its citizens being fair and checking discrimination to its people through difference means known as law. 2 But civil liberties are the rights given to all the citizens of the country without any further specialty Basically, civil liberties mean right to freedom, right to speech, right to privacy, freedom from forced labor, right to marry, right to vote, right to fair trial, right to liberty, freedom

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