Difference Between E Banking And E-Based Transaction

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From this we can say that E-banking is the way of transacting where customers do their transactions electronically via internet and they do not have to leave their comfortable position and stand in a line for withdrawal or depositing money at bank or pay bills like gas bill or electricity bill.
1.2. Differences between paper-based transactions and internet-based transactions
Paper based transaction in banks refers to the transaction where all data are written and stored in traditional way as in paper. Many banks have been using this traditional transaction till internet based transaction started to take place. Internet based banking has still not eradicate paper based transaction totally but it has made quite an impression on the customer. So it might come to the question of what is internet based transaction.
Internet based transaction is defined as the transaction where all the task in banks is done through using internet where a customer of a bank can log into their website and know about their account, pay their bills or how much money left in his or her account.
In Paper based transaction, there are normally two parties where ‘X’ bank works as one party as financial institution and other party is generally the client or the customer. On the other hand while dealing with Internet based banking, ‘X’ bank generally has to deal with multiple parties like the customer, the internet providers or the telecommunication provider.
Between paper based transaction and internet

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