Difference Between Ethics And Normative Ethics

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i. Consequential Theory
In the ethical and normative theory, the principle or principle of distinguishing the correct behavior from the wrong behavior is put forward. These theories can be divided into consequentialism and non-consequentialism.
Consequentialism is an important theoretical category in normative ethics. Consequentialism theory means the moral right or wrong of an action is ultimately determined by the consequences of the act. If its consequence is good, the act is right; if the result is worse then the act is bad. Therefore, this kind of theorist called consequentialists and they like to use or take this type of method to determine an act is a right or wrong base on the result or benefits or we can say that the result will be …show more content…

But it has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are some advantages of Kant’s Ethic. First, the categorical imperative enables us to follow strict rules in moral decision-making and it provides a solid standard for setting rules for any business environment. Second, Kant accentuates the full worth and respectability of the personal. Third, Kant accentuate the importance of acting on the right intentions and if a behavior is motivated by a sense of responsibility, then it has moral value - it is for its own sake and wants to do the right thing. Here are some disadvantages of Kant’s Ethic. First, Kant's ethical moral is too intense, because it excludes the affection of moral decision-making and puts responsibility first. Second, in ruling out the distinction between himself and the rule, Kant can't distinguish it and base the rule as an omission. Third, it is not always clear when people are used for a purpose and only as a means.
For Mr. Ali case, Mr. Ali bribe to to Mr. Micheal to secure the contract with China Medical Ltd, the purpose of Mr. Ali is just want to settle the RM1.5 million debt of ABC company and he want to protect his employees won’t face the risk of lose their work. However, according Kant’s Ethic in this case, this action is not ethical, it is because bribery is a quite serious illegal action although it can solve the problem and get a good

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