Difference Between High School And College

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Variation among High School and College The pressure of high school grows in college. Throughout a students’ four years in high school, the students are supposed to be prepared for college. There are several reasons why students are not entirely prepared for college and the key reason why is that students do not know what to expect. College is unlike high school. High school is different from college because of the massive amounts of “excess” time, academic responsibilities, and the change in relationships. The capability to manage time wisely or called time management is tough to accomplish as a college student. Appropriate time management skills require students to be motivated and rid themselves of distractions. Most high schools get their students motivated by using incentives. Although incentives are not bad, incentives can cause students to be motivated for the wrong reasons. Colleges require students to supply their own motivation. Professors in college provide students with a class schedule and expect students to complete each assignment by the assigned due date. Unexperienced college students expect professors to be like high school teachers and constantly remind the students of assigned due dates throughout the semester. Students commonly have a challenging time ridding themselves of distractions. In high school, most distractions originate from school itself or the community meaning that the school is aware of these events and can accommodate to these events

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