Difference Between National Security And Homeland Security

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Homeland Security vs. National Security

Based upon the opinions stated in the video lecture and research obtained online, it would appear that even “experts” cannot completely agree on the definitions of homeland security and national security. However, there are several basic distinctions; national security is generally associated with foreign affairs and defense, while homeland security is associated with preparing for and protecting the nation against terrorism and other hazards such as natural or man-made disasters, as well as public health emergencies.

According to the National Strategy for Homeland Security, the Department of Homeland Security has three focal missions: (1) to prevent and disrupt terrorist attacks here at home; (2) protect the American people, critical infrastructure and resources; and, (3) respond to and recover from disasters caused by natural or man caused disasters. (DHS, 2007)

Homeland Security Legislated Responsibilities

Legislatively, the Department of Homeland Security exists to prevent terrorist attacks by preventing dangerous people and material from entering the country. This is accomplished by securing our air, land, and sea borders.

Most importantly, the Department of Homeland Security’s mission is to ensure that the nation remains resilient to all types of disasters. (Kahan, 2017)

National Security

National Security seems to be about protecting us from other nations and the preservation of the United States.

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