Difference Between Reactive And Reactive Approach

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The differences between reactive and proactive approaches to security vary greatly. In simple words, a reactive approach is usually referring to a responsive action done after something has happened. Whereas, a proactive approach is taking all the necessary actions in prior, in order to prevent something from happening. An example of proactive approach related to security would be the design of Wah Fu public housing estate located next to Waterfall Bay, Pok Fu Lam in Hong Kong’s Southern District. The reason why this old housing estate fits the example of proactive approach is mainly due to the design and architect of the estate. Each block has a big square gap in the middle; this enables neighbors to see across their apartments and report any suspicious activity or person. However, due to the limited supply of land in Hong Kong, buildings with such designs have seized to exist.

An example for reactive approach would be the establishment of the Counter Terrorism Response Unit …show more content…

Environmental criminology concentrates on criminal examples inside specific constructed conditions and dissects the effects of these outer factors on individual’s subjective conduct. First, let’s talk about security in Hong Kong as of now. The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about security is safety and well-being. Hong Kong Police Force is responsible for the security of Hong Kong, however as manpower is limited, many private institutions, corporations and management buildings have hired security guards and installed CCTV cameras. In spite of that, due to stringent privacy laws of Hong Kong, CCTV cameras can only cover so much. Moreover, security guards in Hong Kong can easily apply for a license simply by attending a few hours of lecture; no proper training is given to them. That creates a loophole for criminals to commit

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