Difference Between Streamlining And Modernism

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For this semester Modernism and Modernisms essay, the them I have picked is Streamlining versus modernist design. The reason I picked this theme because in the century streamlining design is always around us or thing inspire by streamlining never be too far away from us. For example, there aeroplane, car, submarine, furniture, building and so on, some of them or most of them are all design based on the streamline or inspire by the streamlining. Before start review the book and the item I have chosen. How streamlining comparing to modernist design. This century modern has been widely used by the designer or the media, it also regards to the design. Its mean whatever one wanted it can be called modernist design, more explanation could apply to any designed item and it could be construed as an insult or a compliment to the design/ designer. This word meant so much at the same time it has often meant nothing. Someone may ask, “so what after modernist design “the post-modern has changed. When Modern no longer means “fashionable” “now” contemporary”. Post-modern is the practical and theoretical result of the apparent collapse of what it will from now to as the modern movement. The …show more content…

start from science call aerodynamic to decrease the vehicle “air resistance” to go faster until it brings into our daily life, nowadays a lot of our daily object we own include streamlining, it may not necessary streamlining but very curvy line organic line and so on. The reason why streamlining is around us because streamline gives us sleek, clean and modern look. For example, a sharp angle chair and curved chair, most of the time people would prefer curvy chair not only for how its look but also its comfortable and its ergonomics. Other than that, streamlining is not just a curve shape or an angle its actually speak thousands of words, same as on the graphic, its speak a lot for the graphic/

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