Difference Between Teenagers And Teenagers

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At a family reunion last summer while we were sitting around the fire one night, my family was telling stories about when they were teenagers. They were telling crazy stories, mostly about when their cars broke down. Then, they would tell us the insane solutions they came up with. We wondered why they did these weird actions, and they said they were only worried about getting home. Most teenagers didn’t have phones, so they couldn’t call their parents to pick them up. This is an example of just one of the many differences between teens now and when my parents and grandparents were teens. They didn’t have their own phones, had differences in dances, and had different expectations for education. The biggest difference in teens back then is they didn’t have phones like we do now. They had phones, but it wasn’t common for teens to carry their own cell phone. They would have home phones instead. If a teenager even had their own phone, they definitely didn’t have a smart phone. Teenagers didn’t rely on phones like we do today either. Like the story earlier, my family had to think of different ways to try and get home. One time, my uncle even drove backwards all the way home in the dark as his solution! He couldn’t rely on a phone to help him get home. Unlike when my parents and grandparents were teens, everyone nowadays has a cell phone. It’s hard to find someone without a phone, and you are considered uncool if you don’t have one. Almost everyone has smart phones too. You can

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