Difference Between Television And Television Show

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1. If you had to reach a customer segment of “tweens” (kids between 8 and 13), which medium would you choose? What about for men in their 30s? Men in their 60s? In which medium would you advertise if you ran one of your city’s performing arts centers? Different age groups require different mediums for the marketers to reach these segments. The first segment is “tweens”. Today the tweens age group watches more television than any other age group. At that age they do not understand the main difference between watching the television show and the commercials that are being aired in between segments of the show. This segment can be reached through television that will relay into asking their parents to but these products. The kids in this segment will see the products and nag their parents to purchase them. Over time the parents give in and purchase some of these products. The second segment is men in their 30s. This segment is the generation that is on the computer the most. The best way for marketers to reach this segment is through email. In the reading it states that, “35 to 44-year-olds were the most likely to prefer email - 78%” (Burstein, 2015). Majority of the men in this segment have jobs and some require them to have an email address. Most of the email systems do not organize the incoming emails in work and advertising categories. If the man is interested in a product and has made a purchase online, many times they are required to include an email address in their
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