Difference Between The Enlightenment And The French Revolution

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The Enlightenment and the French Revolution The French Revolution and the Enlightenment are events in European History that changed the way people thought, and what they did, during the 18th and 19th centuries. From the Enlightenment some of the events that later followed during French Revolution could be related to the thinking and writing of Enlightenment, but some of the events during the French Revolution do not follow the thinking of the enlightenment at all. To understand how the French Revolution used ideas from the Enlightenment and strayed far from the enlightenment I will give a brief history of the Enlightenment with some of the thinkers and their ideas, some of the events of the French Revolution that followed Enlightenment ideas, and some of the events of the French Revolution that did not follow Enlightenment ideas. The Enlightenment was a time period in Europe, where many people, called Philosophes, used thought to try to get three things freedom, reform, and reason. Those people wanted to solve real world problems to make life better by questioning the government and church, while also using science and reason to back their claims. The Enlightenment was throughout Northern Europeans was centered in France. It did occur as strongly in The Dutch Republic or in Great Britten and did not gain hold in Spain or Russia. These thinkers, many times had many conflicts with the government and religious authority, many times getting exiled or jailed, because they wrote

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