Difference Between Universality And Cultural Relativism

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Universal Human Rights mean the rights which are equally and applicable acceptable in all the societies irrespective of caste, creed, race, gender, religion etc. To give justice and treat all the people equally without making any discrimination Universal Declaration of Human Rights came in to existence. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is the unique and an important document which is translated into different languages all over world. It is based upon idea of promoting freedom, justice and peace and it provides a set of uniform standards that were adopted by the United Nations General Assembly with the support of forty-eight countries. This doctrine consists of universal international values, but indigenous societies are not in favour of universal implementation of this kind of law because it interferes with the social framework of the society which in turn consists of …show more content…

Universality Vs. Relativity The conflict between Universal human right doctrine and cultural relativism is found from the very beginning of adoption of Universal human right doctrine in 1948. But this conflict found new momentum when this fact came into limelight that how these two conflicting matters can influence human security. Before analysing this main fact, it is imperative to know that what is meant by ‘universality’ and ‘relativity’ in the concept of ‘universal human rights’ and ‘cultural relativism’.
The universal character of human rights is based on the belief that human rights are natural attribute of human beings. The social-cultural and political conditions of the people do not define human rights. The UN general assembly (United Nations, 1948) proclaims the Universal declaration of Human Rights

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