Difference Between Validity And Reliability

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1. What is the difference in Validity and Reliability? The difference between validity and reliability is that validity is the fidelity of the results an assessment produces where reliability is the ability to give consistent results. In terms of assessment, validity is where the results provide an accurate representation of the level of student achievement from learning targets that was predetermined. While validity looks at how the results can be used To accomplish the intended purpose of the assessment, reliability looks to see that every time it is administered it produces the same level of learning. 2. According to your textbook, what are the five classroom Assessment Competencies. Please list and describe each one. I. Clear …show more content…

It is important to know and avoid sources bias that makes results distorted. IV. Effective communication- Effective communication is where student achievement is increased due to the assessment results function. The results are managed well, combined appropriately, and is communicated effectively. For an assessment to have effective communication, the information needs to be used to plan instructions, and the educator needs to offer effective feedback to students during learning. The assessment data needs to be recorded accurately. To accurately reflect current level of student learning, combine and summarize information appropriately. V. Student involvement- Student involvement is providing students the opportunity to be active participants in the assessment process. It is important to make sure in the assessment data that students are identified as important users. Also, students should be explained the learning targets and standards of quality. The assessments should be designed to allow students the ability to self-assess and set goals based on results. Students should be involved in tracking, reflecting, and sharing their own learning progress. 3. Please read the classroom example of student-involved assessment. What are three “take aways” that you gathered from this case study? (a) The first take away I gathered from this case study is the importance of providing students the opportunity to be engaged

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