Validity and Reliability Matrix Essay

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Galinda Individual Validity and Reliability Matrix Internal consistency--The application and appropriateness of internal consistency would be viewed as reliability. Internal consistency describes the continuous results provided in any given test. It guarantees that a range of items measure the singular method giving consistent scores. The appropriateness would be to use the re-test method in which the same test is given to be able to compare whether the internal consistency has done its job (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2010). For example a test that could be given is the proficiency test which provides three different parts to the test, but if a person does not pass the test the same test is given again. Strengths—The strength of…show more content…
Weaknesses—The weakness would be if the characteristics that are being measured assumed would change over time, and lower the test/retest reliability. If the measurements were due to variance other than error variance there would be a problem. If the reliability of a test is lower than the real measurement it may be because the construct may varies. Parallel and alternate forms—The parallel and the alternative forms of test reliability utilize multiple instances of the same test items at two different time with the same participants (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2010). These kinds of test of reliability measurement could be proper when a person is measuring traits over a lengthy period of time, but would not be proper if a person was to measure one’s emotional state. Strengths---The parallel and alternate form measure the reliability of the core construct during variances of the same test items. Reliability will go up when equal scores are discovered on multiple form of the same test. Internal consistency estimate of reliability can analyze the reliability of a test with the test taker going through several exams. Weaknesses- The parallel and alternate form test takes up a lot of time and can be expensive along with bothersome for test takers who have to take different versions of the test over again. These tests are not dependable when measuring
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