International HRM Case Study : Brunt Hotels

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In the workbook “International HRM Case Study” (2008), Robson explained the background information on the concerned organization, Brunt Hotels. Brunt Hotels owning more than 60 hotels in the UK acquired a French-based small hotel chain then decided that a half of new hotels in France would be retained and rebranded but the other half would be sold, based on its strategic objective of growing the organization slowly to make sure that new ventures are well supported and opened on time and on budget. In order to own 150 hotels across Europe within next 5 years, it is very important for Brunt Hotels to succeed in French venture. For that purpose, Brunt Hotels has decided to use an ethnocentric approach and send some of the existing managers to France to lead the changeover of the new hotels. In this writing, regarding the Brunt Hotels, prescribed case study activities A, C, E and G are completed then the two questions are discussed. Case Study Activities (Activity A) Based on the information you have at the end of Part 1, what do you think the key priorities should be? According with the given information, I found the following difficulties to solve before preparing for rebranding the new hotels in France: - Even though it was not mentioned why Brunt Hotels acquired French hotels as its first try of oversea venture, Brunt Hotels must know the cultural background of French. - Delegated managers from the exiting U.K. hotels are willing to work in France but

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