Taqa Level 3 in Assessing Candidates Vocational Essay

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TAQA Level 3 in Assessing Candidates Vocational Competence: Assignment 2 Unit 301: Understanding the principles and practices of assessment.Unit 302: Assess occupational competence in the work environment.Unit 303: Assess vocational skills, knowledge and understanding. | Trainee Assessor Name | Assessor Trainer Name | | | In this evidence you will need to explain your understanding of the principles and requirements of your assessment practices. 1. Explain how peer and self assessment can be used to promote effective learner involvement in the assessment process, what are the benefits of learners taking ownership and responsibility for their learning journey:It is important to involve learners…show more content…
I also have communication with the employer to inform them of my visits and actions, this is good courtesy and also helps develop relationships with the work placement. This has great advantages when working together. I would write a plan out with the learner to be signed by both of us, this evidences the communication we have had and shows we are both aware of what is expected of us. I communicate this verbally and written. When preparing for the assessment I would look at the best methods for assessing the particular criteria whether this be Q&A, Observation, Oral or test papers. Often a mixture of a couple. This evidence will be referenced to Unit 303 Assessment Criteria 1.2 | 6. Explain how you prepare the required resources needed to assess your candidate’s knowledge and prepare and maintain conditions that support the effective assessment of your candidate’s knowledge and understanding.I always prepare my resources needed prior to assessing. I ensure I have the standards I need, any worksheets or handouts needed, Planning forms, feedback forms and addition support handouts. I also take care of the learners portfolio keeping this locked up in a cupboard.I ensure that the environment is easy to work in and somewhere the learner can write or take notes. I try to avoid any distractions that may affect the learning.This evidence will be referenced to Unit 303 Assessment

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