Differences And Similarities Of Civil Liberties And Civil Rights

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Blesson Thomas Sherry Sharifian GOVT 2305-71432 30 Sept. 2017 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Define Civil Liberties and Rights Civil liberties it is a form whereby citizens of a certain country can exercise their freedom without the government intruding. Civil liberties promote peace in United States by ensuring those who violate the freedom guaranteed to citizens they are punished by the law. Examples of these civil liberties include freedom of life, freedom of worship, freedom of speech, right to privacy, and the right to vote. On the other hand, civil rights refer to the state where the government guarantees to treat individuals equal regardless of their color, gender, and other specific characteristics. Civil rights also promote peace in a country by ensuring fair treatment to all the people; civil rights include, the right to education and the right to promotion in the corporate and public organizations regardless of gender, faith, religion, and ethnicity (Schulman, Bruce 78).
Similarity between Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Civil liberties and civil right are both established to protect and influence how people live. They are the laws that govern citizens and how they conduct themselves as well as how they treat each other. Both civil rights and civil liberties are also made to ensure democracy and promote peace in a country.
Differences between Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Civil liberty is the right to exercise what you believe in, for instance, the

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