Differences Between Cultures And Cultures Of Europe

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Jonathan Gessner Peoples and Cultures of Europe Dr. James Biologists of Europe Many of the world’s well known and famous biologists and scientists have come from all over Europe in both the past and the present. Many of the pioneers in learning to study and understand the physical world from a scientific point of view have come from Europe. Modern scientific works can still be attributed to these researchers because their work will always be significant and applied even in the modern world. Distinctively, most of these scientists have come from England than the rest of the Europe. Charles Darwin, Joseph Lister, Francis Crick among numerous others have all come from England, although there are still many others who have come from elsewhere such as Louis Pasteur who is from France and Gregor Mendel, from the Czech Republic. However in this paper, just a few out of the abundant selections of biologists from Europe will be discussed and compared. Their cultures, identities, and education have all influenced a different array of discoveries and successes that have opened the door for scientists today to follow in their footsteps and add on to their theories. During the time that the scientists being discussed lived, Europe was undergoing a fundamental change. During the 18th and 19th century, Europe was where the Industrial Revolution started, in which it began in England and then spread through Europe and along to the rest of the world. Life of the average person changed
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