Differences Between Fahrenheit And Fahrenheit

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2.2 Compare + contrast the Kelvin, Fahrenheit, and Celsius temperature scales and be able to convert values between scales.
Today we use three temperature scales. The first of these scales was Fahrenheit scale. It was developed in 1714 by German scientist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit. He developed first mercury thermometer after being inspired by alcohol thermometer invented by Danish scientist Olaus Roemer. Fahrenheit made it more precise by multiplying his scale by four. He establish zero by mixing equal amount of water, ice and salt. Then he mixed just equal amount of ice and salt, and scales gave him next point 32. The last point he establish by using body temperature which was approximately 96. After his death his scale was adjusted to 32 as melting temperature of plain water, normal body temperature at 98.6 and boiling point of plain water at 212. Fahrenheit temperature scale was widely replaced by Celsius scale, except USA and some Caribbean countries. Celsius scale was developed in 1742 by Swedish astronomer Andres Celsius. When he was developing his scale, he marked 0 as boiling point and 100 as freezing point. This scale was known as centigrade. After his death in 1948 The Conference General des Poids et Measures renamed this scale to Celsius and establish the scale as we know it today. Melting point at 0 degree and boiling point at 100 degrees. This scale is the most use scale in the world. The last scale we use today is Kelvin scale. This scale has an advantage
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