Differences Between Four And Tris

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Theo James and Shailene Woodley are going back and forth on their roles as Four and Tris. Is the Divergent series in jeopardy because of their fights? Recent reports indicate that Woodley is quitting if James is not going to participate. As a response to Shailene Woodley’s threats, Theo James is apparently calling for professionalism. He explains that he needs to take time off from the Divergent franchise to focus on his wedding plans with his fiance Ruth Kearney. Theo James Upset About Shailene Woodley’s Drama It appears that the Underworld actor is not happy with Woodley’s antics. In an attempt to persuade her co-star to stay, she threatens to leave the show. Is Four coming back? According to reports, Shailene Woodley no longer has interests
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