Differences Between Humans, Religious Beliefs, And Nature

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Alienation and Nature
Ashford University
Victoria Long

Relationships between humans, religious beliefs, and nature can be complicated. Today humans seem to be more disconnected from nature than ever. Modern society is to blame because most people live indoors and spend a lot of time watching television or on the computer than being outdoors in nature. Human societies have responded to the environment based off migration, invention and discovery. The Industrial Revolution had a major impact on humans and ecology. The Industrial Revolution changed human lifestyles from human development, life longevity, social improvements, public health, and the use of natural resources. Humans went from doing manual labor to having a machine do the work for them. This would make a huge impact because this process could increase production to serve human needs with a growing population. Human population growth has increased the use of natural resources for energy, housing, and food. There became a psychological and spiritual disconnect with humans and nature. In this paper we will examine the cause of human separation from nature, how religion and spirituality play a role within humans and nature and how humans can reconnect and build a relationship with nature. Many people have tried to figure out when the separation of humans and nature first took place and according to The Separation from More-than-Human Nature “others have seen the separation as

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