Differences Between L2 And L2 Development

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In Mari’s case, she is Japanese woman, arrived in Australia seven years ago. She married with Bill, who is an Australian L1 native speaker of English. This report discusses the factors influence Mari’s L2 development.

Factors affecting the learner’s L2 development
1. The similarities and differences between L1 and L2
Acquiring second language is different with first language development. These differences are the learning environment, learning development, interlanguage, learning goal, knowledge transfer and others.
L1 Learners in the native language environment, people in this environment are native speakers. For acquisition of L1, child learners have no pressure and competition. They do not worry about the level of mother tongue reached, because they are native speakers. In contrast, most of L2 learners rarely in such language environment, they are often in a highly competitive, stressful learning environment. They are learning another language in the first language environment. Moreover, L2 learners study language in the classroom, not a best language learning environment. For example, most of the Chinese students learn English in junior school or high school. Except of their weekly English class, students do not have a good foreign language environment. L1learners can learn language anywhere, and actual use first language, they learned the language in the real life. Most of L2 learners lack the regular practice, so they have to learn by rote.

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