Essay On Public Schools Vs Private Schools

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When raising children and sending them through a schooling system, many parents will take into consideration sending them to a private school, because the believe that it will provide their child with a better education and leave them better prepared for the future. A better education comes at a price, private schools have a high tuition and many parents do not know if it will be worth it in the end. While private schools and public schools both have the same overall goal of educating young minds, their teaching methods and curriculum differ in many ways; furthermore, the results that the schools see in their students are vastly different. One of the most prominent differences between private and public schools is the curriculum regulations that they have to follow. Public schools have state regulations set for them that they have to follow that tell teachers what subjects to teach, what books to have students read, and what tests to give their students. This includes teaching their students about the controversal theory of evolution. Sara Vitaska, a policy specialist at NCSL, talks about the importance of the Monkey Trials which put evolution into schools curriculum and how, ”That historic ruling... subsequently paved the way for adopting new evolution-based science curriculum policies across the nation.”( Vitaska 24). Private schools, on the other hand, do not have to follow the state standards. This allows the private schools to create their own curriculum, which can

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