Differences Of The Saudi Arabia Culture And American Culture

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The Arabia Culture and American culture Nowadays, many people are identifying their background. They are being judged by a different characteristic such as origin, education, and mentality. There are many diverse cultures all around the world. Therefore, people have a different culture, which sometimes interferes with the perception. Moreover, the way a person see things can be very different from how another person perceives it. In addition, the Arabica culture and American culture are different in four ways in terms of clothes, mentality, food, and religious beliefs. First, I had the chance to visit and learn the culture of both countries; I took a trip to Jeddah two years ago with my cousin. Jeddah is a city found in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. I had first a large surprise when my airplane first landed, at the airport the only things I could see in people wearing black and white then I asked, myself if it was a code dress. Actually, all the woman has a strict restriction to cover all the body and most of the time you will hear in a long black dress with a hijab on their heads. The men also have to follow the same restriction there are only allowed to wear a long dress with a pant under it. They call it in the Arabic language (Jabba). It is seen as a shame for a woman to go out with what people call a relaxed outfit. It is an obligation for the entire Arabic woman to cover the

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