Different Attitudes And Views Among Generations

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The proposal of each author portrays different attitudes and views among generations, each author discusses a similar idea of why each writer is different. Disregarding the audience each author focuses on, the main purpose is to argue whether writing has changed or remained similar through generation. One author believes that technology influenced writing as opposed to two authors who believe it is within the writer itself (authors interest). There is one author who believes that writing has not refined through generations. Despite the different attitudes towards writing, the authors establish a common talking point about what effects writing and why. Those who fall under the first camp of composing relate writing to self-importance. The second camp discusses how different types of support affect the style of writing, while the last camp believes delivery and articulation changes the way an author writes. Most of the authors agree that time has an importance as well as an impact relating to writing. Those who oppose do not believe that writing has changed or at least has not changed because of generations. That is to say that each camp discusses the ideas of that author in order to support their reasoning. The argument raised in this paper is if writing has changed over time. In regards to the first camp Cristina Nehring argues that writing is becoming a figure of time in her article “What 's wrong with the American essay.” In particular it use to be more based on authors…
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