Different Definitions Of Leadership, My Leadership Style, How I Think And Today 's Time

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Without Leadership Everyone Would Be Lost and Disorganized
If a person was to ponder about where leadership is found they would eventually conclude it is everywhere. Leadership could be argued that when God made the earth and all of its creatures that he gave us the capability to lead. We see this from Adam and Eve, Noah, Sampson, Abraham, David, Sara, Mary, Jesus and all of his disciples. Anyone can be an effective leader if they are educated on how to be one. Leaders are found everywhere in both historically and in today’s time. One can see leaders in action by simply watching the news and analyzing politics. Other examples that one can see and study in today’s times are religious organization leaders, coaches, Principals and teachers, their parents, family members, children and even military personnel. Throughout this paper we will analyze multiple definitions of leadership, my philosophy, my leadership style, how I think and react to situations. Definition of Leadership
There are many ways to finish the sentence “Leadership is …” In fact as Stogdill (1974, p7) pointed out in a review of leadership research, there are almost as many different definitions of leadership as there are people who have tried to define it. (Northouse, P.3)
In order to provide an example I have identified multiple definitions of leadership. The common theme in all of these definitions is that leadership is a process. Ghasabeh, Soosay, Reaicheleadership (2015) states that leadership

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