Compare And Contrast Whitey's Ice Cream

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The cream-colored ice cream begins to run out of the nozzle into a paper cup; blenders move at high speeds, and the sound of metal slams down on a hard surface. Ice cream fan or not, several people have encountered the Fan Food restaurant, Dairy Queen. Some people might think, “Ice cream is ice cream. What is so special about Dairy Queen?” There are a variety of differences between Dairy Queen and its arch rival Whities. While both businesses specialize in ice cream, Dairy Queen will come out on top against Whiteys. Differences between the two stores are the style, the customer service, and variety in the menu. Although both franchises serve ice cream and hold the same job, Dairy Queen and Whitey's ice cream have different style between the two. Customers can expect that Dairy Queen’s ice cream will be out in seconds because of the fast soft serve that comes out in a short amount of …show more content…

Frequently, I have stopped into Whiteys, and the service is backed up and slow. I personally, have waited in line for more than ten minutes. While at Dairy Queen, the employees have orders come in and out at fast speeds, making the line of customers dwindle. Another little detail that has been picked up from the two is the friendliness that Dairy Queen has. The cashier will greet the customer with a smile and always look forward to taking his or her order for the day. When Whiteys will greet a customer by saying in a short and monotone voice, “What can I whip up for you?” keeping the conversation short and very sweet. Whitey's workers look as if they have just drove over a puppy or a baby animal. The employees have yet to surprise me with a smile and happiness in their eyes. That is a big part of stores that serve customers face-to-face. Serve the food with a smile! On the counterclaim, both employees of the stores are working and and not standing around. All have a special part in the ice

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