Essay on The Creamy Creations Take-over

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Case Study #1
The Creamy Creations Take-Over

The executives of Burger Barn have attempted to implement some new changes to Creamy Creations in a positive light. However, some of these changes risk having an impact on the rosy future they foresee for Creamy Creations. Currently, Creamy Creations is still profitable and the financial numbers have rose since they took over management, but there are few things I do not think Burger Barn put any consideration into when they looked at the current state of the business and the future they foresee if business continues down the glories trail it is on currently.

One of the things I feel Burger Barn did not consider when they predicted the future of Creamy Creations, is that Creamy Creations …show more content…

They will start to be more infrequent with their visits to the shoppe and eventually the shoppe will have a chance of becoming a prime example of a tourist restaurant. This can cause the Ice Cream Shoppe to become more seasonal then year round. Burger Barn also needs to think about the high employee turnover. This could cause a business to go under really fast. If you get a reputation of never having a more regular staff, customers are going to start to receive huge variances in customer service and they may not return and you have a huge possibility of losing clientele. Also, you have a possibility of running out of people willing to work for a place which seems to not treat the employees well. People will wonder this because why else would the turnover rate be so high and the only constant would be the ownership or management. These are all reasons why Burger Barn should not be so optimistic about the future of Creamy Creations. There are few things that still need to be tweaked before they can really start to be optimistic.

Some of the principles of classical management have been reflected in what has happened at Creamy Creations. One of those principles is that management is making all of the decisions. Based off of the case study, Burger Barns executives have made all of the decisions without any input from the staff. The other principle which reflects on Creamy Creations is the division of labor.

There are tenets from Fayol’s

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