Different Differences Of Special Education Teachers

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It is often said that it takes a special kind of person to teach a child with special needs, but in actuality, “a child with special needs will inspire you to be a special kind of person” (Global Hydranencephaly Foundation). Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with two current special education teachers and in the following essay, I will be comparing and contrasting their differing viewpoints as well as similarities. One, a special education teacher of two years, believes deeply in behavior analysis. The other has been a special education teacher for 16 years and feels that career readiness is an important factor. Although they display some important similarities, the differences between new and experienced teachers are apparent. Let’s first discuss a few similarities between these teachers. Albeit new and experienced teachers have many differing perspectives, they agree on quite a few viewpoints. For example, both recognize that safety tops everything in the classroom. They understand that in order to make their classrooms safe, they sometimes need to add in outside resources. Mrs. Hammar uses large mats to prevent students from harming themselves or those around them when they have behaviors. On the other hand, Mrs. Duden uses specific calming methods to prevent students from acting out. She has an area for a student to go to if they need a break from everyone in hopes of preventing harmful behavior. Even though these two teachers differ in style of keeping safety,

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