Different Methods And Techniques That Have Been Used For Record Emotions

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What follows is a select representation of different methods and techniques that have been used to record emotions. Though it may not be a comprehensive list, the aim of presenting these systems is to assess their use in a live musical performance. Self-report. Instinctively the first manner of measuring emotional response to music would be to ask the person how they are feeling. In studies, this usually takes the form of a survey in which researchers have participants report their emotional states on a scale, such as in Zenter and Scherer (2008) whom designed their own measuring scale, the Geneva Emotional Music Scale. As simple as this might be to measure, it is important to note that these usually only measure the subjective experience of music and are recorded right after or close to the presentation of the stimulus, rather than in the moment of experiencing (Juslin & Sloboda, 2001). This would present issues when trying to measure a performer’s emotional states, since it might require an interruption of the performance and withdrawal from the immediate emotional state.
Physiological measures. One of the more readily referenced methods is the measuring of physiological measures, such as heart-rate, galvanic skin response, skin temperature, blood pressure, and muscle tension. Of these, the most commonly used measure in studies that focus on music and emotion interactions is heart-rate and galvanic skin response (Coutinho & Cangelosi, 2011). These measures appear to

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