Different Perspectives On The Today 's Society

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In today’s society many people throughout the world have different perspectives on what the meaning of life truly is. For some people, their purpose in life is to have a well-paying job that enables them to help support their family, in order to be financially stable. For others, the meaning of life may be to have important relationships with people, as well as be able to connect with others on a deep level. It is so fascinating to know that billions of people live on this wonderful planet that we call Earth with so many various types of purposes and meanings to their life. However, in today’s popular culture, the media wants us to believe that happiness and pleasure is achieved through acquiring ridiculous amounts of money, fancy clothes, an incredibly good looking husband or wife, and a popular social status in order to feel accepted by others in society. These outrageous standards that are formed by celebrities such as pop stars, actors, and actresses symbolizes the materialistic, consumerist, and selfish society that we live in today. We as humans want to feel loved and wanted by others, and a huge portion the world, especially Americans, believe that the only way to accomplish this goal is to live by these ridiculous standards. Even I have been guilty of this idea of what the meaning of my existence is supposed to be, however I have realized that there is so much more to life than being a successful and rich Rios 2 man with a gorgeous wife, with the perfect children
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