Different Qualities Of Leadership Based On The Situations

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1Faculty of Engineering and Environment, Northumbria University, Wynne Jones Building, Ellison Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8ST, UK Many previous studies have addressed the facets affecting the qualities of leadership from different aspects. Furthermore, some theories focused on individual differences and the situation or task variations from each other. This research is based on previous studies and reviews a realistic experience in the military field, to clarify the links between the change in the qualities of the leader and the change in the situation or task. The research found that the leadership qualities are intrinsic to the mission, that each …show more content…

This paper will discuss the relationship between a particular situation or task, as well as the different effects using various leadership styles. Through realistic experience, the author discusses the impact of different situations. The working environment has a strong relation to the leadership style that impacts the leader’s style. The leader’s behaviour and belief toward managing a company, employees and operations, at any working environment is based on the situation at that time. On the other hand, each working environment has special situations and privacy requirements (Miller & Sardais, 2011). Therefore, according to the current situation of each working environment, a leadership style can change at a situational stage.
According to Vroom and Jago (2007) leaders must have one or more followers and that is a common trait in all leaders. Almost all studies indicate that leadership involves a proceeding effect. In addition, Burns (1998)‏ defined leadership as leaders who encourage followers to act or pursue certain aims that signify the values and the incentive for the both leaders and followers that the want and requirements. Miller and Sardais (2011) ‏suggested that “Leadership occurs when someone imparts his or her convictions to another”. (Zander & Cartwright, 1968) stated that “A leader is someone who exercises influence over others. In a group, it is the performance of

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