Different Types Of Art Movements Essay

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Throughout the years many different types of art movements were being introduced. Some may be more common to some people while others are not as popular. The Renaissance movement is the most commonly known by the people. The term Renaissance means rebirth and it was introduced in the early 14th century. The movement took place in Europe, however, the majority of the movement began in Italy. There was a northern Renaissance and a southern Renaissance. In the northern Renaissance, artists put more effort on the details of their artwork rather than focusing on making it realistic. The two main themes were individual expression and worldly experience. During this period, Europeans had the interest in the values of ancient Greece and Rome and described it as the reawakening of the culture. Therefore, the term Renaissance was used for the movement. As the movement progressed, it increased political stability, economic growth, education, and cosmopolitanism. In addition, the study of language, literature, history, and philosophy began to expand as knowledge increased. As a result, the Renaissance movement can be described as a great influence on society. Eventually, the Renaissance movement led to humanism which focused on the unique values of a person. Artists introduced many unique ideas during the Renaissance movement which became a success to the society.

During the Renaissance movement, Leonardo da Vinci was considered to be the “Renaissance man.” Leonardo da Vinci was born

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