Different Types Of Food Essay

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When you think about different types of food, what comes to mind? Asian, Italian or Mexican? How about Polish? As Perkins says (2009), My Great-Great Grandmother used to make pierogies for me when I was just a little kid and they were amazing” (para.2). Growing up, my mothers mom, Mamaw (what I and her 8 other grandkids call her) made amazing butter soaked pierogies at family gatherings and holidays. Her mom, my Great-grandma who is 94 years-old as of today, is half polish and her mother, my Great-Great Grandma was full. For the past three or four years my Great-Grandma has acquired dementia after an awful fall, she had in her basement and hasn't cooked or baked since. Therefore, Mamaw hasn’t cooked either because she sees the toll …show more content…

They are handmade every day with a little bit of cheese and lots of mashed potatoes spilling out the sides. Inside the pierogies, Huberts and his employees place a few spices sporadically to give it the little extra pop of taste. They have much more than just their pierogies. Any polish food that can be thought of they have. Cabbage wraps, sausages and yummy mashed potatoes with lots of butter. Hubert’s prices are some to be beaten. The only downside is that on the weekends The North Market gets super swamped with people and it can be quite aggravating at times trying to get in line and around people. I suggest trying to go during the week to avoid the insanity, and take your time to experience the ambience. Nevertheless, Huberts is still phenomenal.
According to Foursquare (2015), If you are looking for a cheap Sunday snack or lunch pierogies are perfect. My next pierogi find is Sophieś Polish Food Truck, when I went they were parked in Groveport off of an ally. They are super easy to find on the internet and to get their location is a piece of cake. Sophieś has more of the gourmet fried style pierogies. I ordered the original cheese and potato pierogie but I got Tabasco and blue cheese butter on top. Let me tell you it was one of the most interesting tastes that I have had in a long time but it was fantastic. The man

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