Different Types Of Leadership Styles

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What is Leadership? Why are there so many types of Leadership? Which one is the right one? These are all important questions people who are trying to lead ask. John Maxwell a well-known author on leadership stated simply “Leadership is influence”. There are numerous types of leadership styles, they all have their strong points about them, and depending who you are the circumstances can dictate which type of person with what type of leadership style will be successful. In this paper I will discuss one of the many types of leadership style which is situational leadership. I will discuss how situation leadership can be effective on the culture of an organization. Also I briefly describe the three situational leadership theories and go over some strengths and weaknesses. Leadership is a key in any aspect of a business. The right leaders in the right place can move a company in the right direction and inspire people to achieve goals that they never thought they could. One type of leader is a situational leader. This leadership style is effective in an organization because the leader is willing to adapt or adjust their style to the need of the employees based on their behavioral and skill level. Providing support for employees based on their needs can potentially create a motivating environment (Kelchnar, 2014). Employees feel that the leader cares about them, therefore they care about their leader and are willing to go that extra mile to ensure that the task get accomplished
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