Different Types Of Parenting Practices And Behaviors Have A Great Result On A Child 's Education

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Did you know being an authoritative parent could have a great result on a child’s education? Author Anita Woolfolk states that authoritative parents set clear limits, enforce rules, and expect mature behavior (Woolfolk, 92). According to author Laura Desimone, many different types of parenting practices and behaviors have been associated with positive student outcomes, including authoritative parenting (Desimone, 12). Desimone also states that in the United States parent involvement has become a critical element of school reform. In theory, if parents are more involved in their child’s education, then the child is more likely to excel academically. To begin with, researchers have identified different types of parent involvement. According to Luchuck, there are three ways in which parents can become involved in schooling. They include, direct involvement in school management and choice and by being present in the schools; through participation in special parenting training programs; and through family resource and support programs (Luchuck, 14). A few schools have begun to make parent involvement a policy. As reported by Desimone, strategies for improving parent involvement have become a focus of education policy at the local, state, and national levels (Desimone, 12). Bringing Learning Home advises parents to involve themselves in the PTA. PTA stands for parents’ association, being part of the school team means joining and participating in whatever parents’…
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