Different View Points on the Death Penalty

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No matter how hard we believe in something, there will always be someone who questions our beliefs. This is what causes arguments and arises many questions no matter what the topic is. In this paper, we will discuss the death penalty and its different points of view. Throughout history since the death penalty first was invented, people have had numerous thoughts on it. Some people are against it and others are for it. Many believe that it is too expensive and the death penalty is an easy way out for the offender. However others believe that it should exist and that it is worth the cost. We will discuss the Criminal Justice System and the affects and efficiency the death penalty has. Further on, we will discuss the cost and some of the statistics of the death penalty. Should the death penalty be allowed? This is something most of us question but never appropriately respond. To find the right answer, I decided to research on the official death penalty site. On their site all states are listed along with the cost for each state. As interesting as it may be too compared to other states, we will focus on the state of Indiana. From 1977 to 2009 more than 1,188 people have been executed, most were executed by lethal injection. Right now we will go further into the facts and statistics about the death penalty. Along with the facts and statistics, we will look at the top ten reasons to oppose and support the death penalty. One of the main arguments is that the death penalty is
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