Different Views Of Evangelical Christians And The Cultural Mandate

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We have been taking a look into the different views of Evangelical Christians and their approaches to different types of media. Clifford G. Christians’ article “Redemptive popular art: television and the cultural mandate” specifically deals with redemptive media. He approached this subject by asking three questions of the show or film being questioned. He believed that this method should be used by Christians to evaluate what kind of media they are actually consuming daily. In order to include all types, he refers to all forms of media (television, movies, and broadcasts, etc.) as “popular art.” The first question C. Christians says that Christians should ask of their media is, “How does it portray human life, or more strongly, what do they presume about human nature?” (P. 14) Too often television shows and movies are based around the premise that humans are simply biological beings. Even most “Christian” productions become guilty of this. “The creator’s greatest legacy is a creative being.” (P.15) Humans are not simply animals, we were designed as special beings that do special things like cook our own food and make decisions of right and wrong. This Naturalism that has been accepted by society is a smaller part of what modern media has also made the world accept, materialism. In his article Christians stated, “Television sets are permanent salesmen . . . the average post-high school American has already seen more than 400,000 commercials.” (P. 15) This number has

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