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Differring Religions

Each religious group possesses its’ own individual world- view. Two groups, which vary a great deal when reflecting upon their world-views are the Native Americans and the Puritans. While one group holds one set of standards and beliefs to be true, the other group abides by a completely opposite set of ideas. The Native American religion functions using its’ own world –view. Unlike in Western religions, the Native American religion does not have certain places in which they need to be more religious than others do. In the Native American religion there is no notion of essential monotheism. There is no one true god in their religion; therefore they are free to have open-ended worship. The Native American religion …show more content…

This entire reading explains why the French men have such a great hatred of the Native Americans, however they will continue to try to convert the Native American people to Christian and Catholic belief. Many of the world-views of the Native American religion are quite different from those of the Puritans. The Puritan religion was once the central part of American identity. Unlike the Native Americans, the Puritans were a highly intellectual group. They had systems of meticulously written doctrines concerning the Renaissance. The Puritans also had a sense of adventure, which serves a higher intent. By having this characteristic they seek to create a better society. This is the opposite of what the French believed the Native Americans to be doing. According to the French reading “ they are wanderers, with nothing to attach them to a place, neither homes nor relationships, neither possessions nor love of country.” This description is on the opposite end of the spectrum from the Puritan life. The Puritans attribute their want for a better society to their pioneering spirit. They had the courage to come from England and settle their families in a new place and begin an entire new life with no guarantee of success. Puritans focus their religious beliefs around the notion of the covenant. This is yet another example of the difference between Puritan and Native American world-views. The

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