Essay about Difficult Life On and Off the Battle Fields of the Civil War

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The Civil War Life As the Civil War battled on between the North and South, the war was very hard on soldiers, civilians, the physical environment, and future welfare. Each was affected in its own way, but all would be affected a long time to come even after the war. In the Civil War, and all wars, the most impacted is the soldiers.The soldiers life was a very tough life, even off of the battle field. Soldiers actually spent more time off the battlefield, then on, training, standing guard, writing home, and gathering supplies. Life could be just as gruesome off the battlefield as on. Many time the conditions in camps were horrible, with mucky roads, lack of clean water, disease, and poor meals. The meals were often something called …show more content…

Most of the fighting went on in the South, which led to destruction in that area. The South’s main battle strategy was to let the North come onto their land and fight on their land. The South thought that they would have a homeland advantage.What the South didn’t think about was after the war, whether they won or not, their land would be in destruction, plantations destroyed, monument crumbled, storefronts lost. After the war, Reconstruction had to be put under way because the four-year war demolished the land. The reason many people fighted over the reconstruction of the South was because many had different ideas on how to change the agricultural view from slaveholders and cotton growers. Also, the Mississippi was a major contributor to the South’s agricultural and transportation. When the North finally took over the Mississippi river, this was when the South started to really struggle, because a year later the battle of Gettysburg took place, and the North started to gain advantage of the Civil War. The Civil War’s future welfare was very important because it determined what would happen to the nation after the war. The social part of future welfare healed well, but some people were still touchy about slavery, but all people on opposite sides are touchy after wars.Reconstruction happened in the South, rebuilding many farms,plantations, shops, houses, and restoring jobs to soldiers all around as well as restoring them to their

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