Essay about Difficult Life On and Off the Battle Fields of the Civil War

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The Civil War Life

As the Civil War battled on between the North and South, the war was very hard on soldiers, civilians, the physical environment, and future welfare. Each was affected in its own way, but all would be affected a long time to come even after the war.

In the Civil War, and all wars, the most impacted is the soldiers.The soldiers life was a very tough life, even off of the battle field. Soldiers actually spent more time off the battlefield, then on, training, standing guard, writing home, and gathering supplies. Life could be just as gruesome off the battlefield as on. Many time the conditions in camps were horrible, with mucky roads, lack of clean water, disease, and poor meals. The meals were often something called hardtack, which is made up of flour and water. It lasts a while stored and is very easy and cheap to make, which is often what was affordable for the army. On both sides the prison camps were miserable, often graveyards. Many prisoners died from starvation, or disease from such close quarters. The meals at the prison camps were just bread and water, not enough to survive, making the prisoners eat rodents to survive, which often caused disease.

The Civil War also had a big impact on civilians. Most men had gone to war, promoted by the draft laws, where the government forced you to join the army, required by law. Because of this law, most civilians were women and children. The war was a great opportunity for women,for many job opened up…