Difficult Patients

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When I think of difficult patients I think of difficult customers. If anyone has ever worked in retail, you'll understand the frustration that comes with dealing with difficult customers. And from that perspective, I have looked at the viewpoint of doctors regarding difficult patients. The article "Difficult Patients: Why They're That Way and How to Handle Them," identified difficult patients as complaintive, will criticize, shout, swear and may even hit you. The article continued to say, "Difficult patients are an unfortunate fact of life in healthcare." This concept is like the difficult customers in retail. They are an unfortunate fact of life in retail because they will complain, criticize, shout, swear, they won't hit you, but they will try everything in their power to make your job a little harder than it has to be. However, I have been on both sides of the spectrum. I understand how it feels to be a customer …show more content…

They are highly vulnerable and their emotions may be all over the place. It's the doctor's job to find solutions, treatments and learn how to deal with those high levels emotions from patients which makes their job hard. It goes back to medicine is not only a science but an art; an art on how to deal with people. In her endpoints, Schwartz comments on developing a thicker skin when faced with challenging patients as well as learning what might be behind their unease. This means don't make their problems your problems as well as don't take things personally. Always know that there is a reason for why a person is feeling anger, fearful, sad, or unease, especially in patients. There are difficulties both doctors and patients face. There shouldn't be a measurement of which parties experience the most difficulties, but acknowledgment difficulties are there and how both doctors and patients can work to reduce

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