Difficults in Spirtual Leadership Essay

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It is difficult to be a leader, especially a Christian leader. Leaders are responsible for guiding others and face much opposition while trying to lead. It is growing ever harder to lead in with advances in technology. Leaders used to be able to think about what choices they had before making a decision, but now with instant communication leaders are being bombarded with decisions and no longer have time to think about their choices. Jesus is the best model we have of how to be a good leader. Jesus’ success did not come from himself. Rather his success came because he sought the will of His Father. Even when Jesus had multitudes following Him, He made time to pray and talk to His Father. Jesus was the ultimate example: that to be a good …show more content…

A leader must not only know where to go, but he also must be able to convince others to follow him there. Leaders have two major ways to influence people: by who they are and by what they do. While who you are will get someone’s attention it is performance that will get them to follow you. The only way to lead is if you have someone following you. Leaders gain influence by setting an example for others to follow. A good leader would never ask someone to do something he would not do himself. Leaders should use their influence to glorify God, because they get their influence from God. Being a leader means having to make decisions, even if it is a hard decision. Leaders should never make a decision flippantly. A good leader realizes that every decision he makes will have consequences and accepts those consequences when others will not. A Christian leader should remember to make God part of the decision making process. A good leader will also consult others when making tough decisions. A good leader will learn from others and learn from his mistakes. Leaders know how to manage their time. A good leader realizes they only have a certain number of hours in a day and delegates work to those who can do it well, while he works on what he can do well. A good leader knows that he can say, “No” and does not take on more tasks than he can accomplish. Routines allow a leader to accomplish all the priorities in their day. Good leaders make time

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