Digestion Research Paper

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The process of digestion in the human body is a set of successive functions aimed at splitting the substances entering the body into simple compounds.
There are 4 phases of the digestive process.
1 - Food intake.
This process begins in the mouth - when we chew and swallow food and she, passing through the esophagus, gets into our stomach. At this stage, when the food in the mouth, our brain and gustatory senses perform important work, helping us to enjoy the taste and smell of food and recognize it. At this stage of digestion, enzymes are used to help break down complex products to small compounds and molecules. From the moment when the food enters the stomach, the first stage is considered complete.
2 -Digestion of food.
When the food reaches …show more content…

For example, for vegetables and meat: the meat concentration is higher than the digestion of vegetables. After all the eaten food is split in the digestive process, it is ready for the next stage.
During digestion, food is broken down into glucose, amino acids or fatty acid molecules. These molecules enter the small intestine, where the absorption phase begins. Molecules are absorbed through the small intestine, and enter the bloodstream. Once in the blood, nutrients are delivered to different parts of the body, where they are either used to support vital processes, or stored for future use. The process of what substances will be used immediately, and which will be stored, controls the liver.
This process is the final stage in the digestion process. In this case, all the components of food that we used and that were not used to feed your body, are deduced. Both urine and feces are forms of such disposal. Some components, such as insoluble fiber, are not absorbed by the body, but are necessary for digestion. Insoluble fibers help your digestive system in the process of moving food waste through the

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