Digital Convergence Of Television Industry

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1. Digital convergence in television industry

Many years ago, people gathered around the TV-sets and later on families together with friends met up and watched their favourite shows. Nowadays, due to the availability of low-priced technology as well as various channels and programmes, people lock themselves in a private space watching TV. (Harboe cited in Nicole C.Stephan W.Brenda B.Christine G. 2015). As a result, people have multiple preferences in TV programmes but nowhere to express their opinions. “One-way” communication in television industry is facing a big challenge. Web 2.0 comes out and provides a revolutionary opportunity for television industry, after that, social television is born at the right moment. Social TV is a new way people watch TV. When they watch TV, they comment on social network sites. People discard the way of facing TV screen individually, and from the social TV, participants will feel deep sense of involvement in exchanging opinions with others (Margherita P. Alessandra M. 2011).
This article will mainly discuss the convergence of TV programme and social website, revenue model as well as cultural production and consumption. Take TV programme Dad Where We Go for example.
2. Case study: Dad Where We Go

2.1 Structure of TV programme and Weibo2 interaction

At first Dad Where We Go broadcast on TV, and audiences know the real condition of the show. Then the official Weibo post relevant content on website, with the Weibo effect and

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