Digital Devices Are Important For College Students

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In these days, when you ask a college student:” What is your most important item in college,” they might have different answers such as their personal items, gifts from others. However, most of their answers have in common: digital devices. As the most popular tool for college students, digital devices are irreplaceable due to their importance of college students’ education which assists them to gain enormous information with the coupling of lectures.
More than Textbook
Compared to the college students several decades ago, the students in the modern era can expand their knowledge with the help of digital technology instead of linear learning, the traditional learning style that student receives new knowledge from reading textbooks and lectures. With the help of digital technology, students nowadays can access multiple links of information about their classes as the replenishment which facilitate the main ideas based on the linear learning. Alison Black described such a situation, in “Generation Y: Who They Are and How They Learn” that “their (college students’) learning is nonlinear, epitomized by jumping from one Internet site to another. Instead of reading an entire chapter in a text, they may detour to track an idea or specific information of interest and never return to the starting point.” Students in nowadays using the Internet to spread their path of learning instead of having step-by-step learnings. With the assistance of digital technology, students don’t have to…
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