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What your company needs more than likes and followers is sales. It's awesome to look at your social media accounts and see your audience is growing. However, what good is it if those individuals aren't buying your product or service?

Getting more people to your website or business so you can close the deal should be your main priority. Part of your digital marketing strategy has to include lead conversion.

Offering content marketing is a great way to track interactions with individuals who have shown an interest in your product. It also needs a plan to convert buyers into repeat customers.

If your content marketing is lacking, continue reading for signs you may need to up your game when it comes to lead conversion.

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Remember, whichever method you use you need permission to add someone to your email lists. So make sure you express your intentions when requesting information.

3. Who's on Your Contact List?

You're inspecting your contacts and pat yourself on the back for the list you've amassed. Now ask yourself, are these useful for lead conversion?

Having a list of names and addresses without any other data on the person can cause extra work. Did the person give you the information because they are interested in your product or service? Did they sign-up to receive a free gift?

It's now time to determine if your list is viable. A good first step is to send out a welcome email. Start by thanking the recipient for registering for your list. Reiterate who you are and what you offer.

The email should also include your web address and contact information. For good measure, embed an image or video to entice them to click over and check out the special you're running just for them.

Close the email out by giving the person the option to unsubscribe. The last thing you want is to be flagged for sending out spam.

4. Are You Using Social Media Effectively?

Social media is an effective way to advertise your product or service. If you are not utilizing social media platforms for marketing you are behind in the game. Each platform offers something different.

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest, are the hottest platforms

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